Floyd's screenwriting credits include Mulholland Falls; Blood In Blood Out; There Goes My Baby; American Me, Dick Tracy*; The Adventures of Ford Fairlane*; The Hollywood Knights; Up In Smoke; Aloha, Bobby Rose; Freebie and the Bean; Scarecrow; The Christian Licorice Store; Dusty and Sweets McGee; The Hillside Strangler; Yuppie Like Me; True Love Ways; Common Ground; Dancing With Myself; Pablo Escobar*; Inside Out*; and de-fence (co-writer w/Ice Cube).
His directing credits include There Goes My Baby; The Hollywood Knights, Urban Cowboy*; Up In Smoke*; American Hot Wax; Aloha, Bobby Rose; and Dusty and Sweets McGee.
* Original co-writer/director
Floyd has produced American Me; Dick Tracy; Freebie and the Bean, etc.